Direct Sportslink can assist you with any sports celebrity social postings or digital advertising promotional announcements. In the photo to your left you will see our booking of NFL legend Emmitt Smith for Cross Training Ministries in Bismarck, North Dakota. Emmitt followed up the event with an awesome shout out to his social followers! Sports celebrities can post about your company, brand, event, or other promotional needs which can often include a video posting to further the business relationship. You can also view our work with other social postings including Desmond Howard for BW3's and Rajon Rhondo for Kia Motors. Please contact one of our celebrity booking agents to inquire about pricing for any type of social/digital campaign.


Direct Sportslink secured Desmond Howard for BW3 social media campaign.

Client Testimonial


At Cabela's, we have extremely high standards of customer service with the vendors we work with. Direct Sportslink provided the quality we expect and the customer service we demand. Cabela's seeks to bring our employees something new and exciting every year at our company picnic and the feedback we received from bringing Bo Jackson to our event has been awesome. The energy at the office is at an all time high thanks to you. I would recommend Direct Sportslink to anyone looking for an expert in the sports celebrity marketplace.

- Cabela's Inc.

  • BW3

    Direct Sportslink secured Heisman Trophy winner, Super Bowl MVP and College Gameday host Desmond Howard for Buffalo Wild Wings social media campaign.

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