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Direct Sportslink Helpful Speaker Keyword Terms

Below you will find a list of helpful keyword terms that with allow you to become more familiar with the process of securing sports talent for your event.

Agent: Person who obtains engagements for speakers and can either exclusively or non-exclusively represent the talent.

Appearance Fee: The amount of money that an agency or talent charges for a speaking engagement, personal appearance, meet and greet, or autograph signing. Generally the personal appearance fee will be a rate that is charged for two hours of the celebrity’s time while on-site at the event. The appearance fee generally does not include travel cost.

Back-of-Room Sales: The act and process of selling books, tapes, and other products at the back of the room, usually immediately after a speech.

Book: To schedule a date for a speaking engagement.

Booking: The act of being engaged to speak, as in “We are booking Troy Aikman for the client.”

Brokering: An agency with a corporate client who wants a sports talent that requires going to either the talent or the talent’s representative to secure the talent.

Bureau: A booking or talent agency that sells the services of multiple talent. A sports speaker bureau like Direct Sportslink will generally handle sports clients and no other entertainers.

Buyer: The person or group representative who signs the contract and pays for the speaker.

Canned: A slang term for a standard “off the shelf” speech or presentation. Often, the term “canned” is used in a negative context to refer to material that a speaker uses too often, without changes, in presentations. Direct Sportslink recommends clients avoid canned speeches unless it is very specific to their business.

Celebrity Speaker: A speaker who is booked for his/her name value. For instance, Don Shula is a celebrity speaker.

Client: This term is generally the person or company hiring the talent.

Date: The day set for a definite booking or engagement.

Demo: Audio or video demonstration tapes. Demos often are used to promote a speaker’s services or speeches to meeting planners.

Direct Sportslink: A reputable sports marketing agency that secures sports talent for various appearances that can include speaker engagements, personal appearances, and endorsements.

Emcee: The master of ceremonies at a banquet or similar event. Sometimes spelled M.C.

Endorsement: When a celebrity or specific person grants a company or organization the right to use his or her name, face, and image in any form of advertising on behalf of the company or organization in return for a fee.

Engagement: Describes a set booking or appearance date when a buyer or client has secured the services of, or employed, the speaker or talent.

Expenses: All normal out-of-pocket business costs incurred while the speaker travels to and from client events. These normally include airfare, taxi-fare, car rental costs, lodging, gratuities, and meals. Expenses charged to the client should not include anything of personal nature—i.e. movies, alcohol.

Firm Offer: A speaking engagement that is definitely confirmed. Direct Sportslink requires a firm offer in writing from the client that the talent can review and accept. A firm offer is one that becomes contractually binding upon acceptance of the offer by the talent or speaker.

In-House: An audience composed only of employees of the same company.

Introduction: A carefully written opener about the speaker, which is delivered by the introducer at the beginning of a speech. A good introduction gives some ideas of the speaker’s credits, achievements, and honors and also answers the question: “Why this speaker, on this date, for this audience?”

Keynote: The main speech at a meeting or the speech in one of the featured spots at an event. The keynote sets the tone of a convention and carries out the theme. The keynote usually is connected with prime time, such as a meal function, or delivered to open or close an event, or given to the entire convention in the main room.

Professional Speaker: A speaker who is paid a fee for performances, by a company, association, or college.

Product(s): Products are items, which compliment the speaker’s topic and are available for sale. A speaker’s books, audio cassette albums, video tapes, workbooks, posters, and other products may be sold by contract in large quantity to a client in advance for all attendees, or sold at the back of the room at an autograph table.

Public Seminar: A seminar that is open to the public. Tickets are sold to individuals.

Q & A: The question-and-answer session that follows a panel presentation or speech.

Rider: A list of extras needed for speaker’s performance such as AV (audio visual) equipment or props.

Venue: The site of the meeting or event.