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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Your prices seem so much lower and reasonable versus competitors, why is this?

A: Direct Sportslink has a staff with numerous years of experience working directly with local, regional, and national celebrities. Our limited overhead and maximum resources allows the client the ideal scenario: the best available celebrity at a cost effective price combined with premium customer service. In each case, we attempt to work directly with the sports celebrity to avoid additional agency fees for you. We work for you, not the sports celebrity!

Q: What makes Direct Sportslink different from other speakers bureaus and competitors?

A: We are one phone call away from any sports celebrity. We work specifically in the world of sports so we understand the marketplace extremely well. Many speakers bureaus offers chefs, entertainers, and more - we focus specifically on sports! You have found a sports celebrity procurement expert and leading talent agency.

Q: I have never booked a sports celebrity for an appearance where do I start?

A: You are in the right place, through our years of experience, resources, and marketplace knowledge we have a staff that will work with you to select the celebrity that best fits your needs and closest matches your event and speaker criteria. All you need to do is provide us with some general information about your event and we will take care of the rest for you. Contact Us

Q: How much does a celebrity cost?

A: The celebrity cost varies depending on the person, place of travel, time availability, type of event, and requirements being asked of the celebrity. Our national network allows you the ability to select a celebrity with fee ranges from $1,000-$100,000.

Q: Is the Direct Sportslink website quoted fee negotiable?

A: The fee is always negotiable and our marketplace knowledge of acceptable fees is something that sets us apart from other speakers bureaus. However, the quoted fees are very much in-line based on past speaker and appearance fees. However, if a sports celebrity is local to reduce travel cost, or the event works conveniently in their schedule the fee can sometimes be less than quoted. It's our job to get the best possible fee for you, the client - so we are always willing and able to negotiate for you.

Q: So, I only pay a small fee to Direct Sportslink if you secure a celebrity for me, correct?

A: Absolutely, this allows our clients the ability to utilize our full range of services; consulting, independent recommendations, negotiating, and many other services on your behalf at no additional cost until the celebrity is secured. Once the celebrity accepts your offer, there are no additional fees to Direct Sportslink. 

Q: How does Direct Sportslink benefit me versus other speakers bureaus and sports marketing companies?

A: First, it is our job to work for you, not for the celebrity. Many exclusive agencies have a goal to book only their clients since they represent the talent. Direct Sportslink goal is to present you, the buyer, with as many different talent options as you request so that ultimately together we can select the best sports celebrity for your event regardless of who represents the celebrity. Additionally, we have found that we are able to secure sports speakers and sports celebrity appearances well below their market rate card fees.

Q: Once I select a speaker within my budget, do I have to do anything else?

A: Absolutely not, once Direct Sportslink receives the celebrity acceptance we take care of everything from that point forward. All we ask is that you pay the 50% deposit required so that we can secure the celebrity on your behalf with the remaining 50% due within 30 days of the scheduled appearance. Direct Sportslink will continue to communicate with you through the scheduled appearance and assist you with any needs such as obtaining photos of the celebrity for autographs or hiring a photographer to take pictures. It's our job to make this a smooth process for you so that you can focus on other aspects of the event, be guaranteed seamless execution, and have fun.

Q: Are the quoted prices based on an hour, two hours or a set timeframe?

A: Typically, the quoted appearance fees are for 2 hours. However, it is our job to secure the celebrity for as much time as possible although it varies from celebrity to celebrity.

Q: Will the celebrity stay for longer than the agreed upon time we have secured?

A: If you sweet talk them - just kidding!! It's been our experience that we are able to often secure the celebrity for extended stays such as VIP events, and other opportunities. This often depends on what accommodations the company can offer the celebrity while he/she is at the event. However, our success does not mean this is industry standard. It is one of the many reasons that separate us from competition and why so many clients work with us. We look to exceed your expectations. Imagine asking your brother, sister, or parents to do something a little special and extra versus someone who does not know them asking them the same thing? This is how you should view Direct Sportslink, we are the insider with the ability to exceed your expectations.

Q: I am new to this process and would like to review some industry terms to learn more. Do you have any information that will help me?

A: Helpful Speaker Keyword Terms